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Termination of Municipal Accounts

The aim is to ensure that once your property is transferred, the very next step is to ensure that your municipal accounts are terminated with the municipality which includes your Rates, Water, Electricity and Sewerage. If this is not done at an early stage, you are then liable for the Purchaser’s account as the property is still registered in your name according to the municipality.

The following documents will be required from you in order to assist in terminating these services:

1. ID Copy
2. Municipal Bill
3. Registration Letter from your transferring attorney
4. Power of Attorney (which we will provide you with)
5. Deeds Search

Once your services are terminated, you can then go ahead to apply for a refund with the municipality. There are two options available. You can either have the refund paid into your bank account or, you can have the funds transferred to another municipal account if you have another property in your name.

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Application for a Refund

The process for the application of a refund is quite simple. You will need to provide us with documentation to submit to the municipality and thereafter a refund will be paid within an estimate timeframe of 3 to 4 months. The reason for this timeframe is that final readings have to be taken into account and only thereafter will the municipality reimburse the balance into your bank account or into your new municipal account (dependent on what option you choose for refund).

The following documents will be required for the application of refund:

1. Refund Form (we will provide you with this)
2. Certified ID Copy
3. Registration Letter
4. Deeds Search
5. Bank Confirmation Letter

NB. Ensure that your banking information as well as your bank confirmation letter is for the account holder of the municipal bill. The Municipality will not reimburse you if the banking details do not correspond with the account holder for those services.

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Estate Late Services

We provide you with the constant follow-ups with the Master’s Office in obtaining a Letter of Executorship/Letters of Authority and an Endorsed Power of Attorney.

You provide us with the documentation for lodgement and we do this on behalf of you, we lodge, follow up and provide feedback.

The masters do work on a turnaround time bases and we aim to work with them on that however there are matters that fall by the wayside because there is too much and no correspondence when a query has been issued or if anything is outstanding and limiting the transfer from going through.

We follow up regularly so that we avoid these issues and strive to push for a swift transition with the Master’s Office.

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Opening of Municipal Accounts

The opening of Municipal accounts is crucial once a property has been registered in the name of a Purchaser. You need to ensure that once a property is transferred into your name that you have your municipal services opened under your name.

You will need to go into the municipality and provide them with documentation confirming the transfer has been registered and you need to open your services unless…you use our convenient service.

The following documentation is required to open your Municipal account:

1. ID Copy
2. Registration Letter
3. Deeds Search
4. Power of Attorney which we will provide you with for completion


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Rates Clearance Certificates

We proudly provide you with weekly updates from the municipality. With our intervention, you as well as your clients are constantly aware of the progress of your application with Ethekwini. We are able to find where your matter is stuck at and provide solutions to quicken your process.


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